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All gas and diesel powered items are plus fuel and delivery.
Please clean items before pickup.
If items are excessively dirty we may need to charge a cleaning fee.
Day rate: $80.00
Week Rate: $320.00
Month Rate: $640.00
Wallenstein wood chipper
3" capacity
Honda powered
Wallenstein Powerful & versatile, the WX 500 Series provide dependable splitting force and fast, efficient workflow for wood up to 24" long. With your choice of Honda engine, the WX 500 Series is perfect for everyday rental use or seasonal use at home.     2" ball hitch to tow behind vehicle.
                            $85.00 per day
                            $340.00 per week
                            $680.00 per month
​STIHL 18" gas chainsaw.

      $45 per day
      $140 per week
      $300 per month
BCS rototiller . 2 working speeds and 1 transport speed. 

Day rate $90 . Week Rate $300 . Month Rate $650
The Ground Hog Model 1M5C is a rugged and reliable mechanical one-man earth drill that puts the power of our two-man earth drill in the hands of one operator.(bits are not included)

Day Rate. $70 . Week Rate $300  Month Rate $800

Bits Available 4" 6" 8" 10" and 12"

Day Rate $10. Week Rate $35. Month Rate $70
Ground Hog 1 man auger.(does not include bit)

Day Rate:$ 50 Week Rate $150 Month Rate $350

Bits Available 4" 6" 8" and 10"

Day Rate $10. Week Rate $35. Month Rate $70
The H Max Mucktruck is the perfect motorized wheelbarrow to transfer all kinds of material with no physical stress to the operator oppose to tradition manual wheelbarrows. speeds of 0-3.5mph and a carrying capacity of :12 cubic feet/1000lbs.

Day Rate:$ 80. Week Rate $275. Month Rate $800

Power Head (not including attachments) available for $35.00 a day $140.00 a week $280.00 a month

each attachment are an extra cost. Paddle sweeper , Power brush and Pole saw 
available for $20 a day, $80.00 a week. $160 a month


Power Head (not including attachments) available for $35.00 a day $140.00 a week $280 a month

each attachement are an extra cost. Hedge trimmer and Grass Blade available for $20 a day, $80 a week. $160.00 a month

Broadcast spreader . spreads all your lawn materials evenly.

Day Rate $15 . Week Rate $ 45. Month Rate $ 90
Lawn Roller.....good for all your flattening needs.

Day Rate : $15   Week Rate $45  Month Rate $90
​STIHL 32" gas chainsaw. - For the REAL Man

                        $70 per day
                        $280 per week
                        $550 per month
Husqvarna LiB 436

Lithium powered Leaf Blower
                    $25.00 per day
                    $100.00 per week
                    $200.00 per month
Husqvarna 141  14" gas chainsaw
                      $ 40.00 per day
                      $ 120.00 per week
                      $ 240.00 per month

Husqvarna DT18  DeThatcher

With a modular design, the Husqvarna dethatchers offer incredible versatility and productivity.

$75.00 per day. $300.00 per week. $600.00 

Husqvarna AR19 Aerator 

​Husqvarna's handy and efficient hollow tine aerators are self-propelled and feature free-wheeling outer tines for better maneuverability around corners and tight areas with less turf damage. Removable side weight offer optimal soil penetration and balance for easier slope penetration

$80.00 per day. $240.00 per day . $480.00 per month

Husqvarna CRT 900 Tiller

Ideal for frequent use - ploughing, cultivation and ridging. Counter-rotating tines and high rotational speed make light work of your toughest projects in the yard.

$70.00 per day.  $280.00 per week. $560.00 per month
Husqvarna Sod Cutter.

An exclusive four wheel-drive transmission, low center of gravity and the anti-vibration handle make the SC18 the smoothest and most stable sod cutter on the market. Users will appreciate its two cutting speeds, two transporting speeds and power reverse. New and improved features make even the toughest job seem easy!

$85.00 per day.  $340.00 per week.  $680.00 per month
GeoRipper... perfect for all your small trenching jobs

$95.00 per day  $380.00 per week  $760.00 per month

$15.00 per day chain rental
Stihl Gas powered leaf blowert

                    $20.00 per day
                    $80.00 per week
                    $160.00 per month
Stihl MM55

Compact and light design perfect for flower and garden beds

$40.00 per day  $160.00 per week.  $320.00 per month

Rototiller , edger attachments are $20 per day extra
Bearcat  Trimmer

$60.00 per day

$240.00 per week

$480.00 per month
Husqvarna self propelled mower 

$45.00 per day

$180.00 per week

$360.00 per month
Ditch Witch C16X Walk Behind Trencher
36" dig depth
 35.8" width 
63" height
Hydrostatic, skid-steer style steering provides easier operation
Day Rate: $165.00
Week Rate: $495.00
Month Rate : $990.00
                 Estimated Delivery Fees.

              Duncan (North).....$55.00
              Lake Cowichan.....$75.00
              Cowichan Bay.......$75.00
              Cobble Hill............$85.00
              Mill Bay.................$90.00
              Nanaimo (North)...$65.00
              Nanoose............... $75.00



Perfect for extracting stubborn weeds,plants and smaller trees

Day Rate:     $20.00

Week Rate:   $60.00

Month Rate:  $120.00

 An Island Company
Insurance Included                                 Pick-up or Delivery                             Re-fuel at Pump rates 

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  Patron 4000psi Hot Water Pressure Washer

                         Day Rate: $110.00
                      Week Rate: $440.00
                     Month Rate: $1050.00
Honda powered BE 4000PSI pressure washer with 50' hose and wand with 3 nozzles.
Day rate: $80.00
Week rate: $320.00
Month Rate $640.00