All Pricing is Subject to Change

Gravel Mart Delivery Rates

Delivery rates up to 4 yards of gravel or 7 yards of soil
Deliveries over 4 yards of gravel and 7 yards of soil are possible. They will be billed at an additional $45/delivery as we will use a tandem dump truck.

Rental Equipment Delivery Ratesโ€‹

Rates listed below are priced per delivery or pick-up. The rates below only apply to equipment rented from Xtend Rentals.

Delivery rates for equipment over 75G is $185/hour.

Billable hours including but will not be limited too: loading/unloading time, idle time, driving time.

A couple key notes:
#1 Our drivers do not loiter. They can load operational equipment in 15 minutes.
#2 Idle Time is the time the driver is waiting at your site

Looking for Backhauls or more Trucking options?

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